NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k

Course map courtesy of Strava

While I would usually be excited for my first race of the season, I was dreading this race. I was not in top running shape. I had been focusing my training time on cycling.

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“I’m training for an IronMan.”

No, I’m not trying to supplant Robert Downey, Jr in the next Avengers film. I am going to attempt to earn the rank of IronMan by completing the infamous endurance triathlon: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run. 

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“Want to do Movember with me?”
“Dude, I can’t grow facial hair. Neither can most Asians.”
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“NO, NO, NO! You are going to finish this! You run marathons!”

It was my brother-in-law. He noticed that I looked ill. I frantically made hand signals for the bucket. I felt food coming up my esophagus, but I was standing, staring at the ceiling and breathing deeply. I felt extremely nauseous… I just ate 12 dozen oysters.

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This is a throwback post from July 2012.

Three months ago, my coworker asked me if I was interested in signing up for Tough Mudder. I looked at the website video and was scared but intrigued. Tough Mudder New England at Mount Snow? I could do more than 25 pushups and 6 pullups but am I ready? 

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Photo Credit by Reebok Spartan Race

This is a throwback post from June 2013.

After completing Tough Mudder last year, a few friends contacted me to try a Spartan Race. I agreed and signed up.

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“Are you kidding me? I have a race on Saturday.”


My brother-in-law informed me that he was going to propose to his girlfriend Friday night. It was Monday of the Brooklyn Half.

WTF? I just got passed by banana man.

A man in a banana costume passed me at the 1/2 mile marker and my ego sinks. I could not catch him. 

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After the NYC Triathlon, I felt great but my celebration was short lived. I had to concentrate on speed work and I limited alcohol and junk food for two weeks. I really wanted to get a new personal record (PR) on this race. I also wanted to get a better bib number for next year’s NYRR races. My best 5k times this year were 24:01 and 24:02, but they were for non NYRR races. 

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Photo credit to Justyna Prazuch (my friend and awesome IronMan triathlete)


What? When is it? How much is it going to cost? Wait, we have to fundraise? Are we really going to swim in the Hudson? 

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