Mustache Life: Movember 2013 Extended by 11 Months

“Want to do Movember with me?”
“Dude, I can’t grow facial hair. Neither can most Asians.”


It started with a suggestion. My work colleague asked to do it. My wife was open to the idea and the hairy journey started. I created a Movember team page and asked my friends for donations. I was going to attempt what I failed to do in high school: grow a mustache.


I followed the Movember rules. I dedicated to growing a mustache, not a goatee or beard, like most lazy guys do. Even if that meant looking like those guys on Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator tv shows, I would do it.


Fortunately with my 10 other colleagues and a company match, we raised $4665. The sad part was that I grew a pathetic mustache in 30 days. Some coworkers grew what I did in a week.
Mustache 1 month
I felt like I did not accomplish much, so my wife encouraged me to continue growing it.


On the subway, I received many strange looks. A lot of kids laughed. Some work colleagues, laughed too. I refused to give up.


“Shave that shit! It looks terrible!” some coworker said (semi-jokingly).


It took about 4 months of growth and the mustache started to look respectable. Then I started growing the goatee for a complete pairing. The thought of stroking my goatee was appealing, especially while pondering deep thoughts in meetings.

As my mustache was getting unwieldy, it was time to style it. I picked up Pinaud-Clubman wax at CVS. It was $5 but it was awful. I needed dandruff shampoo for the flakes in my mustache. Embarrassing.

Mustache 5 months

After doing some online research I purchased Firehouse Mustache wax (Wacky Tacky) and a Kent comb. After watching a few videos and practicing, I realized that these tools were worth the investment.

Mustache 7 months

Even after my mustache was at a respectable status, my facial hair received mixed reviews from my friends and family. Not everyone loved it. Alas, after a year I decided to give it up and return to clean shaven life.

Mustache 12 months
Overall it was an interesting experience. I am glad I did it once.


Here is advice for aspiring mustache growers that “can’t grow facial hair”:
  • Be Patient. This was an experiment that was going to take at least 6 months for me to know if I could grow a mustache. I never trimmed my mustache, even when one side seemed longer than the other.
  • Be Prepared For Haterade. Public ridicule hurts, but like high school, pain is only temporary.
  • Allocate time For Hair Care. For a bald person who spends little time getting ready, facial hair is a high maintenance task. I spent a lot of time every morning styling the mustache and goatee. Comb, wax, hair dryer, repeat. Either that or I’m chewing on hair with my breakfast cereal.
  • Invest in Good Products. Quality wax and a comb are necessary for a good mustache. If you don’t believe me, feel free to try the cheapo wax before a date. =)
Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.