2014 Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

“Are you kidding me? I have a race on Saturday.”


My brother-in-law informed me that he was going to propose to his girlfriend Friday night. It was Monday of the Brooklyn Half.


I grimaced because I knew getting a good night’s sleep on Friday night was not happening. I did not have a choice. I was going to show up, take pictures but I was not going to drink. I wanted a good race time.


The last time I ran this race in 2012, I had injured my achilles and hobbled the entire race. I planned on running at least a sub 2 hour half this time.


While Friday night was a success (I drank water at the Delancey), I was designated driver and ended up sitting in traffic on the FDR. We got home after midnight.


I got up 3 hours later, got dressed and jogged 30 minutes to the 2 train. I had a date with my running group. Sleeping on the subway did not happen either. We had over 10 people in our group and we were chatting away with excitement.


Of the six NYRR major races, Brooklyn was the best course in my opinion. Queens and The Bronx were not half marathons. That left Manhattan, Staten Island and NYC. Manhattan was two loops in Central Park (boring) and NYC was one Central Park loop plus going through Times Square and the West Side Highway (a tad more exciting than Manhattan).  Staten Island was a solid, challenging course, too, but any excuse to charge towards Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs won my vote.


It was a little chilly, below 50 degrees in the morning in Prospect Park. All I had to do was step into the corral use the porta potty and get ready to run. I removed my light jacket and wrapped it behind me on my race belt.


There were a lot of runners and the race started in waves. Like most races, I do not push hard early. I ran past Sailors and Soldiers Memorial Arch at Grand Army Plaza and knew one mile was done. I paced myself early with the loop in Prospect Park.


As I started running down Ocean Parkway, the sun was out. It was close to 60 degrees and I was sweaty. I felt pretty good through 10 miles. Miles 11 and 12 required a little more effort since I started to feel lazy and noticed my pace dipped. For this race I filled one of my bottles with pickle juice. In my triathlon podcast, there were correlations between pickle juice and deceased cramps and side stitches. Anyway, I took a swig and almost threw up.




Not doing that again. Warm and it was a disgusting idea.


At the next water station I enjoyed water.


As I approached the boardwalk I met my friend Luis and gave him a fist pound.


“I’m dying” he gasped. He is usually a faster runner than me so I was shocked I passed him. I wished him well.


I picked up the pace. I passed the aquarium and was physically on the boardwalk.


“Nice mustache!”


I wanted to turn around and nod, but I had to finish. I was breathing heavy and my cadence was at its peak. I hit the timing mats and was past the Coney Island finish line.


I was happy that the race was over. I reached a personal record by some seconds. I did a little better than my previous 1/2 Marathon time in 2012.


I celebrated a bit after with my running family for maybe a half hour. I walked through MCU Stadium but I did not have time for celebratory beer. I felt I was crashing fast. The lack of sleep was catching up. I hopped on a crowded Manhattan bound train, hoping I would get a seat. It was a long ride home.
Overall Place 9512/25646
Gender Place 6358/11949
Age Place   1281
Net Time  1:55:14
5K Split  0:26:29
10K Split  0:54:02
15K Split  1:21:11
20K Split  1:49:37
Pace per Mile 08:48
AG Time  1:53:49
AG Gender 7044
Place AG %   52.03 %
I hope you enjoyed my 2014 Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap. Did you achieve a personal record on little sleep like me? Or were you smart and were well rested?
Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.

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