2014 5th Avenue Mile Recap

WTF? I just got passed by banana man.

A man in a banana costume passed me at the 1/2 mile marker and my ego sinks. I could not catch him. 

The Fifth Avenue Mile is a popular NYRR race due to its short distance. It is only one mile! And how fun would it be to run down Fifth Avenue, without stopping for oncoming traffic?

The night before I was celebrating a friend’s birthday over drinks. I had to bow out early because I wanted a good time for my last race of 2014.

I had not completed this race before but a few of my running friends told me how “fun it is” so I signed up for it. Because of the short course, the race was divided and staggered into gender and age groups. I ended up running after 10:00am.  This also meant bag check was staggered as well. I watched a handful of waves run until it was my turn.

5th Ave Mile starting corral
5th Ave Mile starting corral

I dropped off my bag at the drop off truck and watched it drive down 5th avenue. I walked into the corral and tried to shake off pre-race jitters. For about 20 blocks (E 80th to E58th Streets) I would push my body to the limit. And I did. I stayed on the left side of 5th Avenue, steering clear of other runners. Since it was a short course, I did not consider drafting. I aimed for a sub 7 minute mile and the first 1/2 mile felt good… until banana man passed me. I pushed harder.

I was feeling crummy. I usually save the last reserves for the last 400 meters but I was overextending myself now. I focused on my breathing and tried to forget how many beers I should have passed on the night before. As I approached the finish corral, the path narrowed and I hit the timing mats.

The race was over! I was hacking away and tried to catch my breath.

I enjoyed water, an apple and a pretzel. I thanked the volunteers. I was relieved as my 9+1 entry for the 2015 NYC marathon was fulfilled and guaranteed.

Note to other NYRR runners: the “best pace” recorded in MYNYRR is based on the best pace per mile on your fastest 5k. This race does not count. I wish I knew that.

I discovered that I ran a 6:29 mile which was great. One issue that I had with this race was the “waiting.” It reminded me of the waiting I had to do the NYC Triathlon last month. I was not a fan.

I can see why this race sells out fast but in the future I will stick to 5k’s.

On to the off season!


Overall Place 2221/5610
Gender Place 1861/3010
Age Place 337/534
Net Time 0:06:29
Pace Per Mile 06:29
Age Graded Time 0:06:19
Age Graded Gender Place 2073/3010
Age Graded % 58.88 %

NYRR Page NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile

So will you sign up for the 5th Avenue Mile next year? It’s the shortest race qualifier for the NYC Marathon.

Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.