Brooklyn Half Marathon 2018

Alternate Title: Forget the Royal Wedding, I PR’d in the rain!

With the strange, cold weather this year, I was not running much outdoors. I also had no races lined up except this one, so it was a mile here and there on the treadmill January through March. In April, the realization came so I increased the volume to 15+ miles a week until last week, which was 25. With a short 4 week plan, there was no time for a taper. I was not sure I could beat my PR 1:55, moreover complete this under 2 hours.


I drove with a friend to Coney Island and took a Lyft to the Wave 1 Start at Eastern Parkway and Bedford Ave. It was 5:00 AM, so we hung out in the Chase ATM vestibule. I enjoyed water and some pop tarts. It got crowded quickly. At 5:40 I walked over to wave 1 start and went through security and the metal detectors. From there I walked to the F corral and it was empty. I hung out by a tree hoping to feel fewer rain drops. I had a garbage bag and a hat but I was soaked. Even when the corrals broke down, the porta potty lines were still long.


The announcer hit the horn and everyone started moving. I channeled my inner Hulk Hogan and tore the garbage bag off without being too ostentatious. Once I turned left and passed the first mat, I hit my watch and started the slow and sexy pace. A lot of runners were passing me, but I did not care. I ran this race twice before in 2012 and 2014, so I was familiar with the course. The hardest part would be miles 4-6, where the hills live in Prospect Park, which I was saving myself for.

The first few miles were nice and easy; mile 4 introduced hills. By mile 5, I consumed a Gu with one of my water bottles, going uphill. This was a fun challenge but I kept moving forward. After mile 6, I was out of the park and made the triumphant charge towards Ocean Parkway. I noticed the drizzling stopped! Too late, I was soaked.

From here I felt great and was fortunate to find a runner who I used to pace myself for 5 miles. At mile 9 I took another Gu and I felt good the rest of the way. By mile 10, I knew I was on good pace to break 2 hours. By mile 11, I knew I could possibly achieve a PR. By mile 12, I passed my pacer acquaintance and powered through towards the wet boardwalk… 800 meters. 400 meters. FINISH!

After passing the mats and hitting my watch I had a strong feeling that I PR’d. I looked down and smiled.

As I got my heat sheet, my medal and my goodie bag I wanted to get the hell out of Dodge. I took my finisher photo and then I met my wife to eat a proper breakfast at McDonald’s. Then I drove home.

Overall the Brooklyn Half did not disappoint. Crowd support was decent considering the weather. I do not remember any funny signs but it was nice to see and hear people cheer. I am proud I took no bathroom breaks and no aid stations during the race. It was just me and my utility belt with two nuun bottles. Time for beer.


Goal Description Completed?
A Finish? Yes
B < 2 hours Yes
C < 1:55:15 Yes

Splits By Mile (Unofficial Garmin Fenix 3)

Mile Time
1 8:44
2 8:58
3 8:30
4 8:51
5 9:01
6 9:17
7 8:39
8 8:30
9 8:27
10 8:27
11 8:31
12 8:24
13 7:54

Splits By Kilometer (Offical NYRR)

KM Time
5K 0:27:32
10K 0:56:07
15K 1:22:50
20K 1:49:12
Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.