It’s Official. I’m Doing an IronMan


“I’m training for an IronMan.”

No, I’m not trying to supplant Robert Downey, Jr in the next Avengers film. I am going to attempt to earn the rank of IronMan by completing the infamous endurance triathlon: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run. 

I was at my friend’s wedding in Baltimore and it came up in conversation as I was catching up with old friends.

I realized I never made an official announcement. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn post, only word of mouth to very few people.

Was I ashamed? Scared?

Not sure but I did not think about making this news for self-aggrandizement. There is the possibility that I may not finish (“DNF”) and maybe I wanted to keep this on the down low.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.