NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k

NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k
Course map courtesy of Strava

While I would usually be excited for my first race of the season, I was dreading this race. I was not in top running shape. I had been focusing my training time on cycling.

Every year, I apply to obtain entry for my company to enter the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. Alas my company could not obtain entry this year so the NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k (dubbed “Try Audiobooks”) was the substitute race. I had run this course the previous two years so I was familiar with the race. The course was not terribly difficult but it was not flat; there was a small incline during mile one and the final mile.

My coworkers and I took the subway to 110th and wandered into the park. We signed in, checked in our bags, and stretched. We wished each other luck and lined up.

NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k

The race began and I attempted to maintain a negative split. I went slow and steady for the first mile. I ran past a bunch of runners, then up the hill. I continued to peek at my watch. Running downhill was fun until the turn around point. After mile two it was time to run uphill again. I skipped the aid station since I wanted to finish with a decent time. I focused on breathing as I ran uphill. My legs got a little rest on the way down, but I had to continue pushing. The finish corral was in sight and the last half mile was a straight flat path. I increased my cadence and ran until I touched both timing mats.

NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k
Done! Where’s the beer?

The race was over and now the feelings of nausea settled in. Going all out does that to you. I happily walked towards the aid station and grabbed an apple and water.

NYC RUNS Riverside Park 5k
Relieved and pooped.

Final results

Time: 24:41

Pace: 7:58 mi/min

Age Rank: 18/24

Gender Rank: 50/85

Overall: 61/186

For me this was a good race. I did not expect much, but under 25 min was good enough. I have to remember to train before this and try to run sub 24 next year. One of my NY Instarunner teammates won 4th place (and really close to the podium). Awesome.

After all of my coworkers finished the race, we went to The Ellington to celebrate. We needed real nourishment!

Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.