Harlem Heat: Percy Sutton 5k

After the NYC Triathlon, I felt great but my celebration was short lived. I had to concentrate on speed work and I limited alcohol and junk food for two weeks. I really wanted to get a new personal record (PR) on this race. I also wanted to get a better bib number for next year’s NYRR races. My best 5k times this year were 24:01 and 24:02, but they were for non NYRR races. 

I met members of my NYCInstarunners running family before the race at bag check. We gave each other high fives and wished each other luck. The porta potty lines were egregiously long so I skipped it.

I ran the course for Percy Sutton before, and I vaguely remembered two things: it was hilly and it was hot. Like the NYC Tri, I was fortunate with the uncommon cool weather. Although the incline was the highest on the first mile, it was the not the hardest. I attacked the hill and planned on enjoying the downhills. Mile two was alright, with minor elevation. Mile three was where it got dangerous. The downhill was so steep, if you did not keep up, you would roll down the hill… and get trampled by other runners. One complaint about the entire race was that the course was narrow. A lot of athletes ran off the course on the sidewalks because the streets were too congested.

My finest moment of the race was the last 150 meters. I like to finish every race strong. After the three mile marker, I increased my cadence in order to reach those timing mats as soon as possible. I passed a lot of athletes. I passed one dude, but he noticed and pushed harder too to regain his lead. It was a photo finish and afterwards I laughed and gave him a high five.

I had to head out of town so I left abruptly. I checked my unofficial time on nyrr.org and I saw 23:23. I was giddy for a few hours. I accomplished a new personal record!

Overall Place 1009/4524
Gender Place 844/2315
Age Place 172/767
Net Time 0:23:23
Pace Per Mile 07:33
Age Graded Time 0:22:45
Age Graded Gender Place 974/4524
Age Graded % 56.72%

NYRR Page Percy Sutton Harlem 5K

Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.