Staten Island Half Marathon 2018

Alternate Title – Not Enough Porta Potties

I did not plan on running this race, but I had some friends running it and thought it would be a good excuse to get a race in. I ran this race years ago and remember that the course was hilly and tougher than the Brooklyn Half. I had PR’d earlier this year in May at the BK Half and did not expect to get another, but I thought I could still get a sub 2 hour time.

I was running 3x a week prior to the race until Tuesday. On Tuesday, I had an accident and had to go to the ER; I was fortunate that I did not need stitches… however I was not running again until race day (I was Keyser Soze hobbling for a few days).


I arrived at the Staten Island ferry by 6:20 AM but did not need to check a bag. I met my friends and took the 7:00 AM ferry. Weather was good and getting through security was easy. I was in Wave 1, Corral D. The one noticeable difference from the Brooklyn half was that was that the corrals had no porta potties. Who knew this would lead to my demise?


I start the race and knew I needed to find a porta potty within the first few miles. At mile one, there was a line of 10+ waiting. At 1.5, the medical tent had a long line. I stopped at mile 2 for the line. A minute goes by and I say forget it, and move on to the next med tent at 2.5…

There were 5 people ahead of me and it feels like eternity. I go quickly and get back to running. My watch beeps at mile 3 and I know that pit stop cost me a PR. Probably 5 minutes. Sh-t. Maybe I can still finish sub 2 hours? I would certainly try.

I felt good miles 3 to 8, and my legs felt comfortable. I noticed that the porta potty lines were non existent from miles 5 on. There were pain points, especially those the “surprise” hills at miles 8 (the right turn) and 10 (under the Verrazano). There were a lot of runners stopping to take selfies. Although some were walking, I focused on breath, kept my eyes and knees up and moved forward. After each big hill, I rewarded myself with gatorade at the aid stations.

I felt good after the Verrazano and picked up the pace. Only a 5k left. The last hill during mile 13 (going over the little bridge) was also an undesirable experience, but I kept moving. As I see the finish corral, I increase my cadence and charge through the finish line. Hooray.


Relieved that it’s over, I grabbed my medal, the heat blanket and goodie bag. I chug the water, gatorade and enjoy the apple within the first 3 minutes. I waited for my friends to finish and then we took the ferry back and got home to enjoy Sunday football.

Overall, this was a good challenging race. The only thing that cost me was one early bathroom pitstop. I still wonder why this race gets no love (open registration until race day). Is it the hills?


Goal Description Completed?
A Finish Yes
B < 2 hours No
C < 1:54:41 No

Splits By Mile (Unofficial Garmin Fenix 3)

Mile Time
1 9:02
2 9:01
3 13:45
4 8:42
5 9:26
6 9:10
7 9:00
8 9:17
9 9:36
10 9:27
11 9:08
12 8:59
13 8:43

Splits By Kilometer (Official NYRR)

KM Time
5 0:33:19
10 1:02:09
15 1:31:20
20 2:00:31
Author: Peter Kim
Former chunky child and couch potato, now adult triathlete. I share my experiences to help you embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, cycling and running.